Lumohs designed to solve these 3 problems

  1. Inadequate illumination in challenging anatomic areas despite overhead lighting & loupes
  2. High cost of installing OR level overhead lighting in every exam room.
  3. Portability of lighting for dimly lit exam rooms, hospital & nursing home bedsides

Hear from Dr. Hacker - Why he invented Lumohs

Designed for any surgeon or doctor that uses a scalpel

Designed for use by all Mohs surgeons

Design Challenges Overcome- watch Dr. Hacker discuss

  1. Unobstructed, shadowless illumination
  2. Enhances overhead lighting & loupes
  3. Ergonomic
  4. Lightweight
  5. Reusable
  6. Affordable
  7. Portable
  8. Wireless
  9. Simple design
  10. Ease of use

A look under the hood...

Engineering drawings of body & end cap of Lumohs


  • body diameter- facilitate twisting during cutting
  • body weight- light weight
  • simplicity of assembly
  • ergonomics
  • battery compartment

Engineering drawings of body of Lumohs- center piece


  • threads for assembly
  • threads for rear cap on off
  • outer diameter
  • inner diameter
  • inscriptions & information on body

Engineering drawings of end cap, spring, & threads


  • battery contacts
  • On Off functionality
  • Simplicity & Form of design
  • Centered Springs
  • Functionality of design

Completed Handle Renderings & Multiple blade sizes


  • Overall Design
  • Diameter & Shape
  • Illumination Transmission
  • Universal Bayonet for multiple blade sizes
  • Reusable & Affordable