About Nano Surgical, LLC


We are a surgical device company based in Delray Beach, Florida.

Our Inspiration

Located in historic Delray Beach, we're an award-winning multidisciplinary team with a passion for creating innovative medical devices that make surgery safer. We work strategically with mutually aligned companies to create a safer surgical experience.

Founder & Managing Member

About Steven M Hacker, MD

Surgical dermatologist, inventor and entrepreneur with 2 prior exits over last 25 years- Skinstore.com (ultimately Walgreens)  & PassportMD (ultimately Verisk Analytics).

Dr. Hacker holds 15 patents for surgical devices encompassing mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. Dr. Hacker was 19 years old, when he was 1 of 12 students selected from national pool to enter medical school early. As a skin cancer surgeon, he has surgically treated well over 50,000 skin cancers over the last 30 years.

Past corporate- Founder of Skinstore.com ( sold to Walgreens), Past Founder- PassportMD.com (sold to Mediconnect/Verisk Analytics) , and Current Founder of Nano Surgical, LLC & Hacker Dermatology.

Goal- create devices that make surgery safer for both patient and surgeon.

Our offices & team

Located in historic Delray Beach, Nano Surgical works with a handpicked bunch of superstars ranging from highly qualified engineers, contract manufacturers,  industrial and product designers, graphic designers and web designers, with corporate representation by McDermott, Will & Emery.

Values lie in our commitment to improved safety for patients & surgeons.

Inspiration from clinical experience. We do most of our inventing, creating, and building in the back office where we have ongoing clinical and research.


Innovate each device for safety with no exceptions.


Bring ideas to life.


Create devices that inspire surgeons.