Lumohs Dermaplane Handle


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Buy Your Lumohs Dermaplane today for only $199

  • Plus, includes one Lumohs battery cartridge. 

Every Esthetician Should Have Lighted Lumohs Dermaplane Ready for:

  • Dermaplaning over tough to see irregular facial contours.
  • Enhanced visualization when dermaplaning fine vellus hairs, acne scars and fine lines
  • Better light with no extra cables or headgear, & still maintaining room ambience.
  • Less risk of cutting & nicking the skin over difficult to see facial bumps & irregularities.
  • Reduced esthetician’s neck, back & eye strain from contorting to improve visualization. 
  • Reduced esthetician’s hand fatigue with wide round grip.
  • Portability for Dermaplaning in spa and medspa rooms with quiet lighting.

Delivery – six weeks or sooner so place your order today.

* Note- Surgical Blades not included; Dermaplane handle may vary from website photos.


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