Eight Pack of Battery Cartridges


Authorized replacement battery packs for use with Lumohs scalpel handles. Pre-order now and reserve your Lumohs today.

Each pack comes with 8 separate battery cartridges for use in any Lumohs handle.

Battery cartridge running time estimates : Each single battery cartridge will power Lumohs for over 5 hours representing approximately 100 Mohs stages or routine excisions (assuming each stage/excision is 2 min of Lumohs light on time) , or a hundreds of shave biopsies (assuming each biopsy takes a few seconds of light time ) .

Estimated cost per Mohs stage- Pennies!

Estimated cost per excision- Pennies!

Estimated cost per shave biopsy- Pennies!

*Note these are only estimates, not guaranteed, as actual use may be more or less based on individual surgeon’s , approach and on and off time of Lumohs handle*
Pre-order promotion: Expected delivery –mid to late 2nd qtr 2023. May cancel pre-order any time before Lumohs shipped and receive full refund* Disclaimer: Blade not included; final product(s) may vary from website renderings.

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