Lumohs Battery Pack ( incl. 8 Battery Cartridges)


Authorized replacement battery packs for use with Lumohs scalpel handles. Pre-order now and reserve your Lumohs today.

Each pack comes with 8 separate battery cartridges for use in any Lumohs handle.

Battery cartridge running time estimates : Each single battery cartridge will power Lumohs for approximatly 4-5 hours*  and each 8 cartridge Battery Pack will power approximately 2400 minutes* of continuous illumination for hundreds of procedures (*duration time varies based on individual usage) .

Estimated cost per Mohs stage- Pennies!

Estimated cost per excision- Pennies!

Estimated cost per shave biopsy- Pennies!

Estimate cost per Dermaplane procedure- Pennies!

*Note Battery cartridge run time are only estimates, not guaranteed, as actual use may be more or less based on individual surgeon’s approach, technique and on and off time of Lumohs handle*

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