WARRANTY POLICY (v. 11-23-23)

At Nano Surgical LLC, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have a defective handle and need to exchange or repair it, please refer to our warranty policy.
Nano Surgical also sells products through authorized distributors.

If your items were purchased through a distributor, please contact the distributor about returns.

Exchanges & repairs for defective Lumohs Only- All sales final.

  • All Sales Final. No returns permitted.
  • Defective Lumohs, no problem: We will happily exchange or repair any defective USED LUMOHS™ handle ONLY if it is defective in workmanship AND within warranty period which is 1 year from date of purchase. Under these conditions, we will replace or repair your handle at no charge except for shipping, handling and processing fee of $19.95.  However this warranty is void for normal operational use, wear and tear, if unauthorized battery packs or parts are used, or if handle is modified in any way, or if maintenance not per instructions of use or if outside of warranty period or if after more than 25 autoclave cycles. See Limited Warranty terms Below.
  • You will be responsible for shipping sterilized broken handle back in and must be received before we send out replacement. Do not ship if Lumohs not sterilized beforehand due to contamination risks. Scalpels as a Service Extended Warranty Not Yet Available for Purchase.
  • See Manufacturer Limited Warranty Terms Below.
  • Authorization (RMA or EMA) numbers issued by Nano Surgical LLC
  • To request an RMA or EMA number please call or send an email
  • Please include the RMA # on the outside of the shipping package.
  • Items must be returned in their entirety, UNUSED, undamaged and in its original packaging.

Please send sterilized Lumohs for repairs or exchanges only to:
Nano Surgical LLC
230 George Bush Blvd, Suite B
Delray Beach, Fl. 33444

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (Active as of Nov 2023) – This warranty is extended to the original purchaser by Nano Surgical, LLC’s commitment to ensure that the Lumohs Re-Usable Scalpel Handle is free from defects in craftsmanship and material during its typical lifecycle.

Duration of Manufacturers Limited Warranty: The warranty remains effective for 12 months from the date of purchase. Should you detect a flaw owing to craftsmanship or material within this span, we commit to rectify the defect, through repair or exchange, at no cost, other than your return shipping and processing cost of $19.95.

Exceptions to Manufacturers Limited Warranty:

Routine Deterioration: This warranty doesn’t address damages resulting from the product’s expected aging process through its customary use including but not limited to more than 25 autoclave cycles.

External Factors & Misuse: Damages from incidents, tampering, inadequate maintenance, non-authorized battery cartridges, improper cleaning or sterilization, or any non-standard use are not included.

Non-certified Repairs: Any modifications or repairs done outside of Nano Surgical, LLC.  nullify this warranty.

Limitation of Liability**: Nano Surgical LLC’s responsibility under this or any other warranty, implied or expressed, is limited to repair, replacement, or refund, as set forth above. These remedies are the sole and exclusive remedies for any breach of warranty.