Lumohs Handle MD


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Buy Lumohs today for only $199

  • Plus, includes one Lumohs battery cartridge.
  • Safer For You, Your Staff & Your Patients. 

Every office should have Lumohs accessible for :

  • Tough cases, where you must strain to see such as:  around mouth, nose, ears, scalp & genitalia. 
  • Enhanced illumination with no extra lights, loupes or cords. 
  • Reduced malpractice risk with removal of blind spots when cutting around nerves & vessels.
  • Reduced neck, back & eye strain from contorting to improve visualization. 
  • Reduced hand fatigue & better beveled excision margins with wide round grip.
  • Portability for bedside consults, shave biopsies, routine surgical procedures & vascular line access.
  • Illuminated suture removal to locate & remove ingrown sutures- suture removal with less trauma for patient (#11 or #12 blade).

* Current orders- delivery time 6 weeks or sooner- so order yours today. 

* Note- Surgical Blades not included & Lumohs may vary slightly from website photos.


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