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  • S & H included.
  • Includes one Lumohs battery cartridge. 

Why pre-order Lumohs today?

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  • Unobstructed visualization for surgical procedures & biopsying in and around mouth, nose, ears, retroauricular scalp and genitalia.
  • Reduced malpractice risk with removal of blind spots due to obstructions encountered with conventional lighting and when cutting around nerves & vessels.
  • Reduced risk of neck, back & eye strain from contorting to improve visualization. 
  • Reduced hand fatigue & better beveled excision margins with wide round grip.
  • Portability in illumination for bedside consults, shave biopsies, and routine surgical procedures.
  • Reusable, autoclavable, cost efficient & blade agnostic- any size- any brand.

Pre-order promotion: Expected delivery – 3rd qtr 2023. May cancel pre-order any time before Lumohs shipped and receive full refund* Disclaimer: Blade not included;  final product(s) may vary from website renderings.


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