Actual Surgeries

Meet Lumohs & See Why It’s For All Surgeons

Live surgeries, Mohs & excisions, side by side, and on and off visuals

Surgical Site Illumination – from off to on

Watch Lumohs switch from off to on, illuminating areas under retracted skin and at all angles to the skin surface.

Live Side by Side Surgery Comparisons

Watch side by side comparisons of actual surgeries using a standard #3 scalpel versus Lumohs.

Live Surgery- Elliptical Excision

Watch as Lumohs forever changes surgical site illumination during live surgery.

Mohs Grossing Simulation- Orange Peel

Watch how Lumohs helps with grossing tissue as light better defines tumor margins and tissue layers.

Simulated Surgery- Anatomic Models

Simulated Live demo- Lumohs illuminates tiny nerves and vessels in anatomic danger zones shown on anatomic model.