Frequently Asked Questions

Modifying my Scalpels As A Service (SAAS) Membership Plan Shipments 

Go to your “My Account” page.

Under ‘Subscription Settings’ on the bottom-left corner of your screen, update your address and payment information, as well as change the next send date or interval of your shipments. Just click on the section you’d like to modify and take it from there! 

Canceling my Scalpels As A Service Shipments 

You can cancel (unsubscribe from) your Scalpels As A Service Plan at any time for any reason with no penalty on Your Details page of your Profile by clicking “Cancel Plan” on the bottom-left corner of the screen. 

Once you click on the “I still want to cancel” button, the next screen will provide you a list of cancellation reasons. On the next page, you’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation. We’ll send you an email confirming the cancellation within 24 hours. 

As a reminder, once you cancel your plan, you will still be charged the monthly fee until we receive the RETURN YOUR LUMOHS HANDLE (s) you have received through your plan or free trial period.  

We have made RETURNING YOUR LUMOHS HANDLE this hassle free by including a return addressed pre-paid label for you with your order.  

How does your Trial Set work? 

We start you off with one Lumohs handle and one Lumohs battery Cartridge which should power your Lumohs handle for approximately 4.5 hours of continuous run time. This gives you time to see if Lumoh’s is right for you.  

After that trial, depending upon which SAAS plan you selected , for SAAS Small Practice Plan, we’ll automatically send you one battery pack, which will provide 8 cartridges and over 32 hours of continuous run time. If you selected the SAAS, Busy Practice Plan, we will send you 9 more Lumohs handles and two battery packs (16 battery cartridges), which will provide approximately 70 hours of continuous illumination to your handles.  and then every quarter thereafter you will receive 2 free Battery Packs of 8 Battery Cartridges, which will continue at the frequency you select during checkout. 

You’re in complete control of your SAAS Plan and can modify or cancel it at any time!  


Can’t login or forgot password? 

Click Forgot Password, type in the email address used to place your Lumohs orders, and click the ‘submit email’ button. Only click ‘submit email’ once, and make sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folder! 

You’ll receive a password reset email within the next few minutes. 

The password reset link will expire after 24 hours, and your password needs to be at least 8 characters long. 


Do Lumohs handles work with most all surgical blades and blade manufacturers? 

You bet- any blade that would work on a traditional #3 handle will fit on a Lumohs handle.  


Where are your products made? 

Our products were designed and engineered in the USA. Our recyclable plastic is made in the USA. Manufacturing production facilities is overseas.  


Do I have to sign up for a Scalpels As A Service subscription? 

Nope! If you’d rather order Lumohs handles and battery packs “a la carte” and as needed, you can do that through the Products page of our website.  


What is your return policy? 

If you’re on a SAAS Plan, you can cancel your plan at any time, risk free with no penalty. However, to stop recurring monthly payments you must return your Lumohs handle(s) received and we must acknowledge receipt in our office. Don’t worry we have made this process hassle free by including a self addressed pre-paid label for returns.  

If your purchased our products outside of a SAAS plane, then all sales are final and no returns are accepted and all sales final.  


Do I have to use Lumohs battery packs in Lumohs handles? 

Not exactly, since our battery packs use batteries are of the highest quality we only recommend and support our battery packs. If you use an off the shelf battery, Lumohs will work but not to the specs we designed and more importantly that will void the warranty and we cannot support it. 

We do this for a reason. We have gone to great lengths to test the integrated electronics, illumination lux,  life cycle testing and optimal performance using our designed battery packs. 

Our battery packs were made to work as great and we made sure our pricing is highly competitive so that battery use works out to pennies per surgery.  


How do I change or delete my Credit Card? 

You can add, edit, or delete a credit card by heading over to your Profile Page after you’ve signed into your account with your email address.  

If you’re on a SAAS Plan: go to the ‘Your Next Box’ page, scroll down to ‘Subscription Settings,’ and click ‘Payment Method.’ A tab on the right will open. Click ‘Add Card’ in that tab. 

If you’re not on a SAAS Plan: go to the ‘Your Details’ tab, scroll down to ‘Payment Methods,’ and click ‘Add Card.’ 

To remove a card: you can find your cards under ‘Payment Methods’ on the “My Account”  page. Select the card you want to delete and press “Delete Card” in red.  

If the card you’d like to delete is the one currently being used for your SAAS Plan, you’ll first need to update to a new card on the ‘Your Next Box’ page. Once you’ve added the card you’d like to use going forward, you’ll then be able to delete that old card as explained above. 


What forms of payment do you accept? 

Commonly accepted credit cards- MC, AMEX, Visa  


There is a $1 charge on my bank statement – what’s that about? 

That $1 is a holding charge while our banks validate your information. That $1 will drop off your statement. 


What do I get with my SAAS membership plan? 


  1. Lumohs Scalpels & Battery Packs
  • A high-quality, durable Lumohs scalpel with an integrated light, autoclavable and reusable for multiple procedures- Light the Site. 
  • More precise surgical operations with increasing the success rate.



SAAS Includes following additional Member benefits: 

  1. Full Replacement Warranty – Peace of mind with full replacement of defective scalpels while SAAS account in good standing. 
  1. Lumohs Loyalty Program – Exclusive 20% member discount on additional scalpels and battery packs either purchase or subscription. Can buy at any time more handles and more battery packs. Plus, priority access to new products and upgrades.
  1. Lumohs Surgeon Certification:

Access to comprehensive ONLINE VIDEO training on Lumohs surgical instruments, leading to surgeon attestation of use and certification. 

Featured listing on Lumohs’ website and marketing materials as a certified clinic. 

  1. Lumohs Partner Package

Referral program – Refer a surgeon and get a free battery pack (8 cartridges) – $60 value.  Plus , Exclusive opportunity to contribute to product development and improvements. 

  1. Lumohs Concierge Service

* A dedicated Lumohs representative for personalized service and support. 

  1. Total- Flexibility– Risk Free, Cancel Any time, No Contracts.

Includes return addressed envelope 

Benefits are subject to change, for more information head to your Profile. 


Nano Surgical’s Contact Information 

Nano Surgical , LLC 

230 George Bush Blvd, Suite B 

Delray Beach, Fl. 33444 


[email protected]  


Have a partnership opportunity? 

If you are interested in a strategic partnership or distribution opportunities, please email our team at [email protected] . Someone on the team will review your request within the next few weeks and if they feel that it would be a good fit, we will replay with an email to discuss further. 

Other questions , comments or help issues email us at [email protected] or visit our support page.