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Zoltan Trizna, MD, PhD, and Richard F. Wagner, MD 23 years ago published in JAAD 2000;43:527-8 this article, “Surgical Pearl: The use of the No. 12 scalpel blade for the removal of sutures.” That was 23 years ago, and they could not have imagined attaching a #12 blade to lumohs, an integrated illuminated scalpel handle. So, as their article points out, not only is using a #11 or #12 blade attached to a scalpel handle a better way to remove sutures in delicate areas. Try attaching those blades to an illuminating handle, like lumohs, so the illumination gets directly on the sutured site, making it much safer and easier for doctors and staff to locate and remove buried sutures in delicate skin (and by the way, less painful for patients).