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Nothing is more true than that. It doesn’t matter the surgical device at the end of the day, the best device is only as good as the surgeon.

However, not every scalpel is the same. Surgeon’s can buy cheap knock off’s of Miltex #3 stainless steel for $5.00 on eBay, or they can spend hundreds on a handmade Stainless Scalpels in non-traditional shapes and sizes.

What’s the difference ?

The cheap scalpels can be easily recognized as they are stamped made in Pakistan and often have no consistency in weight, or dimensions, most have loose blade fit, where the blade moves in several directions after affixing to the bayonet of the handle. Hand made stainless steel handles from Germany are fine-tuned well-made but have limited functionality in that their only purpose is to hold blade. Until now, that was all a scalpel handle did, singular in purpose but masterful in achieving its stated purpose,i.e, holding a blade for cutting.

Lumohs has changed the scalpel market. The traditional 100 year old design of a scalpel handle, widely accepted as the best surgical instrument to enable cutting of skin and various other structures- can now serve more than the previous sole purpose of holding a blade. With Lumohs the scalpel handle has functionality, taking advantage of it’s ubiquitous nature in all forms of surgery, light and intelligence can be achieved through the scalpel. Lumohs, patented and design for the same level of accuracy and consistency of German made scalpels but with the ergonomics of various shaped handle designs and re-usability.

If you’re a surgeon and would like affordable, unobstructed, shadowless light directly on the surgical site , for pennies compared to thousands, check out Lumohs.