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Lumohs Dermaplane is an innovative way to provide this popular service often called a Dermaplaning Facial. An integrated light with the Lumohs Dermaplane scalpel enables estheticians & doctors, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to perform dermaplaning with unobstructed light projecting on to irregular facial contours and surfaces. The best way for Dermaplaners to see fine vellus “peach fuzz” hair, subtle inflammatory lesions on the face in difficult to see areas, and fine superficial lines is through the use of this patented innovative integrated light precision-based Dermaplane scalpel. Dermaplaning has been around for decades yet continues to grow in popularity given the simplicity of this procedure. Only Lumohs Dermaplane, which works with all brands #10 , and #14 blades, enables providers to offer their client’s and patients, the most “cutting edge” approach to the dermaplane facial procedure. Lumohs Dermaplane helps estheticians and dermatologists provide safer, better illuminated, with better outcomes for both patients and clients receiving Dermaplane facials.