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Light 4-6 ft away from a patient , as is the case with typical wall mount or ceiling mounted surgical lighting, has to have many properties that light millimeters away from the site doesn’t.

Imagine placing a large search light (the type that projects into the sky) , in your closet to find a small piece of jewelry. Just wouldn’t work, aside from blinding you, it would wash out the entire closet out with light making it impossible to see any fine details or items like small pieces of jewelry.

Same premise with a surgical site. The power of the light is not the critical issue, the distance the light source is from the surgical site is. Lumohs, a small fine targeted light is all that is needed when a few millimeters from target tissue. Every detail , including tumor margins, nerves, vessels, adipose, dermis, epidermis is visually enhanced simply by the proximity of the light source to the tissue.

Never before has a surgeon had a re-usable scalpel with illuminating device,  like Lumohs, that provides light source millimeters from the surgical site.

Lumohs helps reduce eye strain and fatigue often incurred when using overhead lighting as primary source of lighting in a anatomic danger zone.

Specialties that need light millimeters from the surgical site:

    • Dermatologists

    • Mohs Surgeons

    • Plastic Surgeons

    • Hand Surgeons

    • ENT/Facial Surgeons

    • Orthopedic Surgeons

    • General Surgeons

    • Wound Care Doctors

    • Family Physicians

    • Veterinarians
    • Military applications
    • First Responders

If youre a surgeon or health personnel that holds a scalpel and would like an affordable, unobstructed, shadowless light directly on the surgical site , for pennies compared to thousands, check out Lumohs.